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Thèses et mémoires

Des thèses et mémoires de nos étudiants sont conservés et consultables dans Papyrus , le dépôt institutionnel de l’Université de Montréal.



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Date Trier par date en ordre croissant Titre Trier par titre en ordre croissant
1995 Market Time and Asset Price Movements: Theory and Estimation
1993 Fertility, Consumption and Bequests in a Model with Non-Dynastic Perental Altruism
1993 L'ALENA, le Quebec et la mutation de son espace economique
1994 Excat Nonparametric Tests of Orthogonality and Random Walk in the Presence of a Drift Parameter
1995 Environmental Risks and Bank Liability
1994 Labor Market Institutions and the Distribution of Wages, 1973-1992: a Semiparametric Approach
1993 The Cyclical Behaviour of Wages and Profits Under Imperfect Competition
1995 Multivariate Cointegration in the Presence of Structural Breaks: the Case of Money Demand in Mexico
1996 Macroemesures in Computable General Equilibrium Models: a Probabilistic Treatment with an Application to Morocco
1994 Sequential Location Equilibria Under Incomplete Information
1995 Survol des contributions theoriques et empiriques liees au capital humain
1996 How Prescribed Policy Can Mislead when Data Are Defective: a Follow-Up to Srinivasan (1994) Using General Equilibrium
1995 Firm Heterogeneity and Worker Self-Selection Bias Estimated Returns to Seniority
1995 Optimal Insurance Design Under Background Risk
1996 Arbitrage-Based Pricing when Volatility is Stochastic
1993 Desequilibrium Dynamics During the Grate Depression
1995 Short-Run and Long-Rub Causality in Time Series: Theory
1994 The Adequacy of Asymptotic Approximations in the Near-Integrated Autoregressive Model with Dependent Errors
1996 Labor Market Institutions and Gender Differences in Wage Inequality
1995 An Axiomatization of the Pazner-Schmeidler Rules in Large Fair Division Problems
1996 The Efficiency of Collective Bargaining in Public Schools
1995 Asymptotic Null Contribution of the Likelihood Ratio Test in Markov Switching Models
1996 The Exchange Rate in a Dynamic-Optimizing Current Account Model with Nominal Rigidities: a Quantitative Investigation
1993 Quebec in North America: From a Borderlands to a Borderless Economy: an Examination of Its Trade Flows with the U.S.A. at the National and Regional Levels
1997 Cooperative of Noncooperative Behavior?
1995 Are the Effects of Monetary Policy Asymmetric?
1994 Entrance Quotas abs Admission to Medical Schools: a Sequential Probit Model
1995 The Impact of Decentralization on Growth and Democracy: a Note
1995 Nonparametric-two-Step Estimation of Unknown Regression Functions when the Regressors and the Regression Error Are not Independent
1996 Stochastic Volatility
1995 On Stable Factor Structurs in the Pricing of Risk
1994 Additional Tests for a Unit Root Allowing for a Break in the Trend Function at an Unknown Time
1996 Investment Under Demand Uncertainty: the Newsboy Problem Revisited
1994 On the Analysis of Business Cycles Through the Spectrum of Chronologies
1995 An Empirical Analysis of the Canadian Budget Process
2009 Relative Egalitarianism and Related Criteria
2008 Monetary Policy by Committee:Consensus, Chairman Dominance or Simple Majority?
2006 Sharing the Cost of a Public Good: an Incentive-Constrained Axiomatic Approach
2006 Sharing a River among Satiable Countries
2006 Sharing the Cost of a Public Good without Subsidies