18 mars: 16h - Sém. de micro. (C-6149)
Federico Echenique (Caltech)
Fairness and efficiency for probabilistic allocations with endowments

20 mars: 11h45 - Sém.-midi CIREQ-UdeM (C-6070-9)
Marco Bonomo (Insper)
Multi-product pricing: Theory and evidence from large retailers in Israel

21 mars: 16h - Sém.-midi CIREQ-UdeM (C-6149)
Jean-Jacques Forneron (Boston Univ.)
Detecting identification failure in moment condition models

22 mars: 11h30 - Sém. de macro et d'économie appliquée (C-6149)
Jorg Spenkuch (Northwestern Univ.)
Natural disasters, moral hazard, and special interests in congress

22 mars: 15h00 - Sém. CIREQ-Montréal macroéconomie (H-1145, Univ. Concordia)
Jonathan Heathcote (Federal Rev. Bank of Minneapolis)
College tuition and income inequality