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Thèses et mémoires

Des thèses et mémoires de nos étudiants sont conservés et consultables dans Papyrus , le dépôt institutionnel de l’Université de Montréal.



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Date Trier par date en ordre décroissant Titre Trier par titre en ordre décroissant
2000 The effect of asymetric preferences on the federal funds rate
1984 The Effect of Agricultural Zoning on Land Prices, Quebec, 1975-1981
2011 The Economics of Oil, Biofuel and Food Commodities
2009 The Economic Effects of Improving Investor Rights in Portugal
2007 The Economic Dynamics of Antibiotic Efficacy under Open Access
2006 The Dynamic (In)efficiency of Monetary Policy by Committee
2001 The Dynamic Evolution of Factor Accumulations and Revealed Comparative Advantage in Canada
1993 The Duration of Unemployment as a Signal: Implications for Labor Market Equilibrium
1987 The Discipline of Economics and Economic Cycles
1995 The Determinants of University Dropouts: a Sequential Decision Model with Selectivity Bias
2005 The determinants of intergovernmental transfers in Canada, 1981-2001
2007 The Design of Intergovernmental Equalisation Transfers: Indian States and Kosovo
1986 The Demand for Child Care Services in Canada
2005 The Cyclicality of Skilled and Unskilled Employment in Canada
1993 The Cyclical Behaviour of Wages and Profits Under Imperfect Competition
1994 The Creditors' Financial Reorganization Decision: New Evidence from Canadian Data
1994 The Correlation of Productivity Growth Across Regions and Industries in the U.S
1986 The Compliance Costs of Taxes on Businesses and Individuals a Review of the Evidence
1982 The Canadian-U.S. Dollar Exchange Rate : Validating an Improved Version of the Stock-Flow Model
2001 The Bootstrap of Mean for Dependent Heterogeneous Arrays
2007 The Bootstrap in Event Study Methodology
2018 The birth of the congressional clinic
1998 The Basle Accord: A Review and a Simple Model
2003 The Backing of Government Debt and the Price Level
2001 The Axiomatic Approach to Population Ethics
2005 The Alberta Dilemma: Optimal Sharing of a Water Resource by an Agricultural and an Oil Sector
1994 The Adequacy of Asymptotic Approximations in the Near-Integrated Autoregressive Model with Dependent Errors
1991 The Acquisition Decision in Canada: a Firm Life-Cycle Perspective
1986 Tests of Joint Hypotheses for Time Series Regression with a Unit Root
1997 Tests of Conditional Asset Pricing Models in the Brazilian Stock Market
1997 Tests of Conditional Asset Pricing Models in the Brazilian Stock Market
2005 Tests multiples simulés et tests de normalité basés sur plusieurs moments dans les modèles de régression
2002 Tests GMM pour caractériser le biais de simultanéité de la persistence de volatilité
2007 Testing techniques and forecasting ability of FX Options Implied Risk Neutral Densities
2002 Testing Normality : A GMM Approach
2002 Testing Mean-Variance Efficiency in CAPM with Possibly Non-Gaussian Errors : An Exact Simulation-Based Approach
1995 Testing for Homogeneity in Demand Systems when the Regressors Are Non-Stationary
2002 Testing for a Unit Root in Panels with Dynamic Factors
1997 Test de l'hypothèse de revenu permanent et anticipations rationnelles avec présence d'une rupture dans la fonction de tendance
1993 Termes de l'echange, taux de change et la Banque du Canada