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Thèses et mémoires

Des thèses et mémoires de nos étudiants sont conservés et consultables dans Papyrus , le dépôt institutionnel de l’Université de Montréal.



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Date Trier par date en ordre décroissant Titre Trier par titre en ordre décroissant
1996 The Rationality of Revolution
2010 The Quest for Hegemony Among Countries and Global Pollution
2004 The Progressivity of Equalization Payments in Federations
1990 The Principles of Export-Led Growth
2004 The Possibility of Ordering Infinite Utility Streams
1993 The Periodic Time Series and Testing the Unit Root Hypothesis
2010 The Myth of Demonetarization of Gold
2005 Thème: féminisation de la pauvreté au Burkina Faso
2001 The Measurement of Diversity
2015-08 The management of innovation under ambiguity
1997 The Macroeconomic Effects of Infrequent Information with Adjustment Costs
2001 The Inflation Bias When the Central Bank Targets, the Natural Rate of Unemployment
2009 The incidence of Payroll Taxes in Quebec and Ontario on wages: evidence from collective agreements for 1985-2007
2018 The impact of uncertainty in agriculture
2013 The Impact of the Sovoreigntist Movement on some Economic Indicators for Quebec 1966-2010
2009 The Impact of Recycling on the Long-Run Stock of Trees
2005 The Impact of International Trade and Domestic Savings on Convergence in China
1995 The Impact of Decentralization on Growth and Democracy: a Note
2019 The housing boom and selection into entrepreneurship
2013 The household revolution: childcare, housework, and female labor force participation
2013 The hotelling model with multiple demands
2008 The Hessian Method (Highly Efficient State Smoothing, In a Nutshell)
2019 The hard problem of prediction for conflict prevention
2020 The growth impact of language standardization : Metcalfe’s Law and the industrial revolution
2004 The Ghost in the Machine: Inferring Machine-Based Strategies from Observed Behavior
2005 The Federal Empowerment Zone and Enterprise Community Program: Outcome on Labor Income
1998 The FCLT with Dependent Errors: an Helicopter Tour of the Quality of the Approximation
1992 The Ex Post Profitability of Licensing Thechnology
1996 The Exchange Rate in a Dynamic-Optimizing Current Account Model with Nominal Rigidities: a Quantitative Investigation
1995 The Exact Error in Estimating the Special Density at the Origin
1998 The euro impact of the banking system of Greece : cost-benefit analysis
1995 The Empirics of Economic Growth in a Cross Section of Countries: Do Errors in Variables Really Not Matter?
1995 The Empirics of Economic Growth in a Cross Section of Countries: Do Errors in Variables Really Not Matter?
2008 The Efficient Use of Multiple Sources of a Nonrenewable Resource under Supply Cost Uncertainty
1996 The Efficiency of Collective Bargaining in Public Schools
2009 The Effects of the Length of the Period of Commitment on the Size of Stable International Environmental Agreements
2002 The Effects of Periodic Quotas Limiting the Stock of Imports of Durables
1994 The Effects of Government Financial Policies: Can We Assume Ricardian Equivalence?
2008 The Effect of Public Spending on Consumption: Reconciling Theory and Evidence
1994 The Effect of Linear Filters on Dynamic Time series with Structural Change