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Thèses et mémoires

Des thèses et mémoires de nos étudiants sont conservés et consultables dans Papyrus , le dépôt institutionnel de l’Université de Montréal.



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Date Trier par date en ordre croissant Titre Trier par titre en ordre croissant
2018-06 How do disruptions in the mortgage market affect consumption? Empirical evidence from the U.S.
2018-05 Essays in econometrics and energy markets
2018-02 Essays on matching and preference aggregation
2018 Positively responsive collection choice rules and majority rule: a generalization of May's theorem to many alternatives
2018 Random consideration and choice: A case study of «default» options
2018 Robust design in monotonic matching markets : a case for firm-proposing deferred-acceptance
2018 Monetary policy in sudden stop-prone economies
2018 Asset pledgeability and endogenously leveraged bubbles
2018 Gale's fixed tax for exchanging houses
2018 Discrimination without taste : How discrimination can spillover and persist
2018 Bootstrapping factor models with cross sectional dependence
2018 Sharp test for equilibrium uniqueness in discrete games with a flexible information structure
2018 Threshold Luce rules
2018 Bandits in the Lab
2018 Strategic investment and learning with private information
2018 The birth of the congressional clinic
2018 Precision may harm: The comparative statics of imprecise judgement
2018 The impact of uncertainty in agriculture
2018 Innovation growth clusters : Lessons from the industrial revolution
2018 Belief-weighted Nash aggregation of Savage preferences
2018 Dynamic refugee matching
2018 Organizing time banks: Lessons from matching markets
2017-08 Modèle espace-état : estimation bayésienne du NAIRU américain
2017-04 Three essays in macro-finance, international economics and macro-econometrics
2017 Strategyproof Choice of Acts : Beyond Dictatorship
2017 (Il)legal Assignments in School Choice
2017 Externalities and the nucleolus
2017 Relative Nash welfarism
2016-10 Regularized Jackknife estimation with many instruments
2016-08 Économie comportementale : retrouve-t-on un effet d’ancrage dans la LNH ?
2016-07 Méthodes de Bootstrap pour les modèles à facteurs
2016-07 Principaux obstacles à la décision d’investissement des firmes en Afrique
2016-05 The responsiveness of government revenue to marginal tax rates
2016-03 Essays on the Effects of Corporate Taxation
2016-01 Essays on optimal fiscal and monetary policies
2016 Strategy-proof choice of acts : a preliminary study
2016 Pareto Dominance of Deferred Acceptance through Early Decision
2016 Assigning Refugees to Landlords in Sweden: Stable Maximum Matchings
2016 Ranking by rating
2016 Agendas in legislative decision-making