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Graduate programs

Master's and PhD programs in economics prepare you for a career in research or education, or in private practice as an economist.

The Université de Montréal has an excellent reputation on the international stage and its programs are recognised by many independent organizations. According to the U.S. News Weekly, UdeM ranks 96th in the world in the field of economics and business. For his part, the British QS network places UdeM amongst the 150 best universities in the world for economics and econometrics.

Job outlook

Economics is part of every aspect of society. Training in economics gives you a versatile, adaptable platform from which to launch a career in a variety of disciplines, such as:

  • Labour economics
  • International trade
  • Market analysis
  • Financial and banking
  • Agricultural, industrial and political economics

Economists have a wide choice of jobs:

  • Analyst for the federal or provincial government
  • Financial sector economist
  • Industrial economics specialist
  • Labour economics and human resources expert
  • Economist in a consulting firm or international organization

In comparison with undergraduates, graduates with a master's degree in economics have a considerable advantage when it comes to:

  • Meeting the growing demand for socioeconomic analyses
  • Obtaining positions with even more attractive responsibility and variety

In addition, PhD graduates can also seek an academic career.