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Financial support

Many awards and scholarships are available at the undergraduate and graduate levels, to help you in your studies in economics. The main ones are described below.




Master’s-level scholarships and awards

Financial assistance of up to $12,000 for master's students.

Most of our graduate students work as paid research or teaching assistants. Research assistants can earn up to $12,000 per year, depending on their availability and the needs of the research team concerned. The amount earned from a teaching assistant position depends on the number of hours the student is prepared to work.

Please note that further information (conditions, deadline, forms, etc.) regarding the scholarships and grants listed below, as well as the equivalent for the undergraduate level, can be found on the Department’s Financial support French page.

Department of Economics scholarships

  • Lise Salvas Foundation Award ($1,000)
  • Maurice Bouchard Foundation Award ($1,000)
  • Award of Outstanding Teaching Achievement ($250)

Faculty of Arts and Science scholarships

  • Alma Mater Scholarships ($5,000)
  • Édouard Montpetit–Standard Life Scholarship ($5,000)

PhD scholarships

Financial assistance of up to $20,000 for PhD students

Scholarships for newly admitted PhD students.

Every year, the Department's financial assistance committee allocates a certain number of scholarships to students newly admitted to the PhD program.

Faculty of Arts and Science scholarships

  • Édouard-Montpetit–Standard Life Scholarship ($10,000)
  • Alma Mater Scholarships ($10,000)

Scholarships from other organizations


If you are a master's or PhD student, you may finance your studies by working as a teaching or research assistant, or a lecturer.

Under the collective agreement between the Université de Montréal and the Syndicat des étudiant(e)s salarié(e)s de l'UdeM (SESUM), students must apply for positions posted by the Department of Economics.


A person hired part-time by the University to deliver class lectures. Duties include:

  • Preparing and teaching courses
  • Updating course content
  • Preparing teaching materials
  • Evaluating students' performance, including, if applicable, revising student evaluations and preparing and correcting deferred examinations
  • Availability during office hours

Teaching assistant

A teaching assistant (TA) is a Université de Montréal student, full time at the undergraduate level or, generally, full time at the graduate level, who assists a professor or lecturer in helping and supervising students.

Duties include:

  • Invigilating exams
  • Grading assignments and exams
  • Helping with documentation
  • Monitoring students
  • Performing demonstrations
  • Assisting or supervising interns
  • Supervising assignments
  • Leading seminars

Research assistant

A research assistant is a Université de Montréal student, full time at the undergraduate level or, generally, full time at the graduate level, hired to assist professors, researchers and units with research work.

Working on campus

The study/work programs of the Ministère de l'Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport (MELS) help some students in financial need to find part-time jobs on campus. Ask about it!