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Thèses et mémoires

Des thèses et mémoires de nos étudiants sont conservés et consultables dans Papyrus , le dépôt institutionnel de l’Université de Montréal.



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Date Trier par date en ordre décroissant Titre Trier par titre en ordre décroissant
2007 Trois essais en bio-économie dynamique
1999 Transfert de fonds au Cameroun : altruisme ou contrats intergénérationnels
2006 Transfers and Municipal Infrastructure Expenditures in Canada: 1988-2003. Is There a Flypaper Effect?
2014 Transferring ownership of public housing to existing tenants: a mechanism design approach
2001 Trade Liberalization and the Profitability of Domestic Mergers
2003 Trade Creation, Trade Diversion and Investment Flows: Evidence from the Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement
2009 Toward a rational-choice foundation of non-additive theories
1996 Toward a Political Theory of Environmental Policy
2012 Top trading with fixed tie-breaking in markets with indivisible goods
2005 Top-Cycle Rationalizability
2004 Time Reversibility of Stationary Regular Finite State Markov Chains
2018 Threshold Luce rules
2021 Three public goods and lexicographic preferences : replacement principle
1997 Three Essays on the Analysis of Economic Fluctuations
1994 Three Essays on Self-Enforcing Contracts
1996 Three Essays on Imperfect Competition, Welfare and Growth
1998 Three essays on economic behavior under uncertainty : theory and empirical evidences
1995 Three Essays on Econometrics of Latent Variables
1999 Three essays on collusion
2020-06 Three essays in microeconomic theory
2017-04 Three essays in macro-finance, international economics and macro-econometrics
2021-06 Three essays in environmental economics
2008 Three essays in empirical asset pricing
2006 The Wild Bootstrap for the Variance Radio Test
1997 The Wage Rate and the Profit Rate in the Price of Production Equation: a New Solution to an Old Problem
1978 The Use of Box-Cox Transformations in Regression Models with Heteroskedastic Autoregressive Residuals
1986 The Uneasy History of Lotteries
2005 The Transmission of Monetary Policy in a Multi-Sector Economy
1996 The Transformation Problem : an Aleternative Solution with an Identical Aggregate Profit Rate in the Labor value and the Monetary Space
1996 The Transformation Problem : an Aleternative Solution with an Identical Aggregate Profit Rate in the Labor value and the Monetary Space
1984 The Transborder Data Flow Phenomenon: a Multinational Enterprise Information Flow Perspective
2013 The Taxation of Nonrenewable Natural Resources
1999 The Shape of the Risk Premium: Evidence from a Semiparametric Garch Model
2000 The Seemingly Unrelated Dynamic Cointegration Regression Model and Testing for Purching Power Parity
2004 The role of investment specific technological shocks in explaining macroeconomics fluctuations
1998 The role of financial markets in the stabilization and reconstruction of Lebanon
1995 The Risky Spread, Investment, and Monetary Policy Transmission: Evidence on the Role of Asymmetric Information
1996 The Rise and Decline of the East German Economy, 1949-1989
2016-05 The responsiveness of government revenue to marginal tax rates
1997 The Rebirth of a Communications Network: Europe at the Time of the Carolingians