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Thèses et mémoires

Des thèses et mémoires de nos étudiants sont conservés et consultables dans Papyrus , le dépôt institutionnel de l’Université de Montréal.



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Date Trier par date en ordre croissant Titre Trier par titre en ordre croissant
1994 Useful Modifications to Some Unit Root Tests with Dependent Errors and Their Local Asymptotic Properties
1994 Introducing Spatial Competition Through an Autoregressive Continunous Distributed (AR-C-D) Process in Intercity Generation-Distribution Models within a Quasi-Direct Format (QDF)
1995 Looking for Evidence of Speculative Stockholding in Commodity Markets
1995 High-Wage Workers and High-Wage Firms
1996 Equal Factor Equivalence in Economies with Multiple Public Goods
1997 Private Storage of Common Property
2007 A Class of Two-Group Polarization Measures
1995 Industry-Specific Capiatl and the Wage Profile: Evidence from the NLSY and the PSID
2007 Oligarchies in Spatial Environments
2007 Social Norms and Rationality of Choice
1992 On the (Mis)Specification of Seasonality and Its Consequences: an Empirical Investigation with U.S. Data
1992 Changes in Seasonal Patters: Are They Cyclical?
1979 Determinants of Government Expenditures: an Application of the Linear Expenditure System
1978 The Use of Box-Cox Transformations in Regression Models with Heteroskedastic Autoregressive Residuals
1996 The Rationality of Revolution
1996 Production Linkages Between Informal and Formal Activities Considering Domestic and Imported Inputs: an Application of the Minimal-Flow-Analysis Method to Senegal
1994 Using Ex-ante Payments in Self-Enforcing Risk-Sharing Contracts
1995 Government Expenditure and the Dynamics of High Inflation
1996 La mondialisation de l'économie et le rôle de l'État
1995 Testing for Homogeneity in Demand Systems when the Regressors Are Non-Stationary
1995 Matching, Human capital, and the Covariance Structure of Earnings
1995 On the Game-Theoretic Structure of Public-Good Economies
1990 La discrimination economique dans le sport professionnel
2021 Three public goods and lexicographic preferences : replacement principle
1996 La demande de monnaie dans le PVD: une estimation qui tient compte des erreurs de mesure
2002 Testing for a Unit Root in Panels with Dynamic Factors
1999 Distortionary Taxation and Labor Supply: Evidence from Canada
2001 The Inflation Bias When the Central Bank Targets, the Natural Rate of Unemployment
1997 Tests of Conditional Asset Pricing Models in the Brazilian Stock Market
1997 Natural-Resource Exploitation with Costly Enforcement of Property Rights
1998 Environmental Risks : Should Banks Be Liable?
2003 Bootstrapping Autoregressions with Conditional Heteroskedasticity of Unknown Form
2003 Inter-temporal Price Discrimination when Imports are Restricted by Quotas
2003 Les cycles économiques et la science économique
2002 Testing Normality : A GMM Approach
2002 Critical-Level Population Principles and the Repugnant Conclusion
2002 Maximal-Element Rationalizability
2002 Testing Mean-Variance Efficiency in CAPM with Possibly Non-Gaussian Errors : An Exact Simulation-Based Approach
2002 Responsibility and Cross-Subsidization in Cost Sharing
1999 The Shape of the Risk Premium: Evidence from a Semiparametric Garch Model