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Thèses et mémoires

Des thèses et mémoires de nos étudiants sont conservés et consultables dans Papyrus , le dépôt institutionnel de l’Université de Montréal.



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2020-08 Essays in empirical finance
2020-08 Culture, gender and development in Sub-Saharan Africa
2020-07 Essays in functional econometrics and financial markets
2020-06 Essays in innovation, inequality and risk
2020-06 Three essays in microeconomic theory
2020-05 Optimal portfolio selection with transaction costs
2020-03 Essays in financial econometrics and asset pricing
2020 Robust minimal instability of the top trading cycles mechanism
2020 Spouses, children and entrepreneurship
2020 Blocking pairs versus blocking students: Stability comparisons in school choice
2020 Two-stage majoritarian choice
2020 Strategy-proof choice under monotonic additive preferences
2020 Estimating COVID-19 prevalence in the United States: A sample selection model approach
2019-09 Essays on business taxation
2019-08 L’effet de la loi «Paid Family Leave» établie en Californie en 2002 sur le développement cognitif, le développement ambulatoire et le développement de l’autonomie des enfants âgés de 5 à 7 ans
2019-08 Réduction du risque des invalidités liées à la consommation de l’alcool : l’effet à long terme de l’introduction de la loi zéro tolérance
2019-08 Essays in dynamic panel data models and labor supply
2019-06 Essays in macroeconomics and international finance
2019-06 Disintegration methods in the optimal transport problem
2019 Unemployment, entrepreneurship and firm outcomes
2019 Games with unobservable heterogeneity and multiple equilibria: an application to mobile telecommunications
2019 The housing boom and selection into entrepreneurship
2019 Spouses and entrepreneurship
2019 The hard problem of prediction for conflict prevention
2019 Measuring uncertainty at the regional level using newspaper text
2019 Imposing equilibrium restrictions in the estimation of dynamic discrete games
2019 Entrepreneurship, outside options and constrained
2018-08 Essays in empirical asset pricing
2018-06 How do disruptions in the mortgage market affect consumption? Empirical evidence from the U.S.
2018-06 Employment protection legislation in a frictional labor market
2018-05 Essays in econometrics and energy markets
2018-02 Essays on matching and preference aggregation
2018 Robust design in monotonic matching markets : a case for firm-proposing deferred-acceptance
2018 Monetary policy in sudden stop-prone economies
2018 Asset pledgeability and endogenously leveraged bubbles
2018 Gale's fixed tax for exchanging houses
2018 Discrimination without taste : How discrimination can spillover and persist
2018 Bootstrapping factor models with cross sectional dependence
2018 Organizing time banks: Lessons from matching markets
2018 Strategic investment and learning with private information